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Favor for the Politically Minded

Through a series of fortunate events, I managed to secure a one on one interview with Texas Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Candidate. I have become friends with the very reluctant candidate for the Railroad Commission and he's set up an interview time for me in about ten days. I get 30 minutes to ask anything I want.... and I mean, anything. There is no subject that is off limits.

So... what questions do any of you have?

Now, as point of record, I'm not a Libertarian. I'm a registered Independent and I still see the vast majority of Libertarians as simply disgruntled Republicans. I'd like to come into this interview with some interesting and unique questions - some that will make the candidate think....

So, if you or any of your friends have a question, please let me know!



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Jul. 25th, 2010 12:59 am (UTC)
I'll have one or two, tomorrow, after I've gone out and partied tonight. LOL!

And they really aren't disgruntled Repubs. They are a totally different breed of creature. Have you read their platform or looked at the candidate's web site? "Eek!" comes to mind.
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