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Crazy, hectic.... Hectic, crazy

But, damn.... I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!

You know that you love what you do when you get in your car at the end of a LONG work day just to call someone and say "OMG, you should have been there...." then proceed to tell them about every detail of your day in nauseating minute detail.

On Wednesday, I got an email from a local Indie Film producer asking if I could come in for some grip/crew work at the last minute. They had to fire their PA because she just had decided not to show up after the first meeting. It ended up pushing filming back a day and filming hadn't even started yet. Then I get the phone call... went something like this

A: Are you working?
Me: Sort of.... School
A: How open is your schedule?
Me: Monday and Wednesday mornings are out. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are out. Otherwise, I'm free
A: Oh my... I love you. Can you just move in here?
Me: Not really but I'll be there whenever I'm not at school
A: Really, I love you. You're saving my ass on this
Me: Okay... what time tomorrow
A: Whenever you can get here?
Me: I'll be there around 3
A: Awesome. OMG, I love you
Me: Anything else
A: No... wait.... yes... wait... no. Oh yeah, your husband... you know the tall one... Is he working?
Me: Lol... no... long story
A: Would he be interested in working crew?
Me: Probably.... but only because its you guys.
A: I just had an idea... Would he be interested in being in the movie?
Me: He has no acting experience
A: Well, he wouldn't need it for this part
Me: What is it for?
A: We're remaking Second to Last Worst Day of my Life and he'd be great as "The Pillow Case Guy"
Me: OMG... He would love that
A: Talk to him and call me back
Me: I don't have to talk to him about it. I know what he will say. He's going to say yes
A: Are you sure?
Me: I'm positive
A: I love you. and you can't see me but I'm holding both arms out wide... I love you that much
Me: Tomorrow then?
A: yeah
Me: Mike can't be there til 5ish tomorrow. He's helping out a friend with a car in Dallas right now.
A: Thats fine. We'll work around that.
Me: Awesome...

And since Wednesday, it has been a wild storm... a maelstrom... a tornado of events. And since Thursday, I've probably worked close to 40 hours. I've done second camera, sound, boom, lighting, makeup and wardrobe. And the best part.... They are looking at my script that I wrote. And this isn't some favor, its an actual paying job.

So my apologies to darke ... this is why the scrabble game is going so slow!!!!

And here is the trailer for the original "Second to Last Worst Day of my Life"


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