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So I've been thinking

and I know that is a dangerous thing... I should be working as I took 5-6 hours of video last night of the dance team performance and it desperately needs editing. But since it is a job that I'm doing as a favor, it can wait at least a day. Actually, it will wait because lugging around 15 lbs of video equipment on my bad shoulder was not the best idea. But a lot of the shots required being mobile so... on the shoulder it was!

Back to the whole, I was thinking thing. The unhusband has been cataloging our movie collection. Now, let me say this, we own a LOT of movies. We own a lot of TV. Yes, I am a video junky. I will admit it. And I have no shame about it. As I was looking at the vast expanse of videos, I thought, you know... I should start reviewing some of these movies as there are some in here that people have never heard of and there are some in here that people don't consider... and well, there are a lot of hidden gems.

So... I think I will. The unhusband says that I should video blog it, but I don't know. I'm not sure that anyone wants to see my ugly mug channeling my inner Ebert.

So whatcha think?

This is what happens when boredom strikes

One digs into the arsenal of things to make and since I"m the amateur film maker... and planning on doing something with vampires...

I thought I would make a blood cannon... Now, I didn't want to use my fake blood sitting in my fridge (Yes, I have 1/2 gallon of fake blood sitting in my fridge, doesn't every one???? and where else would you keep it? Cause this shit will go bad and you don't want to work with bad fake blood!)  namely, because I didn't want to clean it up. So yes, I am willing to shoot paint on my back fence, and water all over my suburban, cookie cutter neighborhood, but I am not willing to waste fake blood that I worked so hard to make...

So here you go

Blood Cannon Extended Version from Dmswafford on Vimeo.

There are already plans in motion to improve on this design and to make it a blood cannon / potato gun / who knows what else this weekend. And there might even be a miniature scene to accompany the new and improved Blood Cannon
Well, the legal one is in Kuwait... Officially!

In fact, he's sitting here...

 Says that its packed. Says that Kuwait must be 20 degrees hotter than Iraq. Says that there is so much going on that sleeping is not really an option.

Welcome home plans are being discussed. 

Hint to orbie : Looking at next Saturday. Definitely planning on cooking something completely decadent and yummy. chibi_masshuu  is also welcome to come along with his significant other but I know that Saturdays are usually bad for you all. 

Thats about it... I've got a new video blog coming soon because I have a HUGE, and I mean bigger than my ass -Huge rant coming on... I know that the unhusband is tired of hearing me rant and bitch about this particular situation but I am off to buy tickets to Star Wars In Concert because I am that big of a geek!

Off into the wild blue yonder

The legal one is out of one sandbox and currently residing in another one for a few days until the paperwork is processed. Once all of that is accomplished, he'll be here!

According to the "schedule" (if you can call anything in this whole clusterf*ck a schedule), he should be landing Tuesday morning at sometime in the small single digit numbers. Then to add insult to injury, the army has decided to enact some stupid idea that says returning soldiers are not allowed to drive for a week. Yeah, like having to beg for rides (especially if you are a single soldier) is going to help relieve stress. I really think this is one of the most asinine  new ideas that the army has had in a long time. And I've already been informed by the Legal One that one of the soldiers (who lives in our neighborhood) is having trouble with getting a ride and "Can't your wife bring me in, too.... when she has to take you in??? Please." Apparently, his wife is setting her foot down because they have small children. BITE ME!

Seriously, Bite my big fat ass!!!

I did all of this when kids were small... hell, I'm still doing it when kids are small. Nevermind, that she managed to get her husband home on an emergency basis so she could take finals. 

And I'm the bad army wife... Never asked for anything... never had a problem. If I did have a problem, I solved it without bothering the powers that be who were back here stateside. 

But I'm rambling about things... And I need to get into clean up mode. He's coming home!!!! ::Happy Dance::

Houston, we have a date

Supposedly we have a date to expect the Legal One home.

I'm not really sure i can believe the army right now, considering this date has been pushed back every few days for three weeks. I'm beginning to think that it isn't going to happen. Trying not to be too depressed about it but its been hard. Life has generally been pretty crappy since the weekend... A series of unfortunate events. I'll tell the whole horrible story later on but I'm not in the mood to get into it now. I think its just a general convergence of bad ju ju...

Still Waiting

So I am still waiting...

and waiting

and waiting...

Supposedly news of the Legal One's imminent return is coming soon- but considering I've heard that exact same story for three weeks now, I'm beginning to doubt the veracity of that statement.

So I'll just leave you with this...

This is what happens when I get bored...


Still No News...

Since I don't have any news about the Legal One returning from the Sandbox, I'll just leave you with these...






Update on the Legal One

Which is unfortunately, not much of an update...

As of right now, he's still playing in the sandbox despite everyone saying, "Oh, they are leaving today... No, sorry... Maybe tomorrow... But don't quote me on that"

They had promised us a return by the littlest female troll's birthday which is just around the corner. If they don't fly by tomorrow, its likely, he will miss it. He has to spend two days in a different sandbox and then another day on a layover because of refueling, pilot fatigue, etc. They've shipped all the non essential items and are now just waiting. Yesterday, they filled sandbags... the command asked for 1000, and gave them from 8a to 4p to complete it. The guys are so bored, they had the job finished by noon... 

In other non essential news, I have to take my phone in to be repaired. The alarm sounds but the ringer doesn't. 

I live such an exciting life....

Two Days in a Row


I'm on a blogging kick!!! Woohoo!!! Things here are gearing up for the return of the legal one. And I'll be perfectly honest, I can't wait!!! Kids have been on a tear and this particular deployment has hit everyone kinda hard. There is a party starting to form up for when he returns and I know that several of you (Looking at Matt, Alex and Lora) will be EXPECTED to make an appearance. 

In other news: I've been taking some film classes and I'm going to be entering 48 hour film project. I've got the skills to do a lot of technical work behind the camera (post productions is where I suck), especially if I can do a horror film. I've got a Fantabulous idea for a mockumentary which might get made on a shoestring budget even if I don't get that particular genre.

Thats all for now...




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