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Movie Review: Sorcerer's Apprentice

So, last night I dragged my weary bones out to see “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and while I can say that I liked it- I enjoyed it... I didn’t love it.

Now, I should probably amend that- I loved the first five minutes of it which had a decent fight scene. The rest of the movie was meh... There was a nice homage to the original Sorcerer’s Apprentice but the acting was flat, the characters were flat and very stereotypical and well... the story was just meh. I really can’t say anything good or bad about the movie. Let me put it this way- if you’re looking to get out of the heat for a couple hours and have nothing better to do- then this movie is great. Higher cognitive functions and in depth character analysis is not what this movie was meant for. I can’t even really say that this movie will resolve any anger issues where a good healthy dose of unrealistic violence is required.

I think my entire issue with the movie is that its a genre film and its a genre film that has been overloaded in the recent years. Movies like LoTR, HP, Pirates of the Caribbean, Percy Jackson.... all the same- with just a slight twist on geography. And I know some of you are going to say that LoTR is nothing like that but in the end, its a story about a young man, looking to do something incredible and not having the courage to believe in himself.

Coming tomorrow: review of Inception! Yes, I’m making another midnight trek to the movies. Wish me luck!



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