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Movie Review.... yeah, not so much

I'm working on my movie review for Inception but I am nowhere near close to being finished with it. Work and projects have gotten in my way of the fun stuff but it will be forthcoming sometime this weekend, I hope.

Things here at Casa de Crazy are in uber crazy mode. Helping friends find a house- the legal one's odd work schedule (his old boss has decided that he can't live without the Legal One so we're frequently fielding phone calls from this individual at all hours of the day and night) and the Unhusband is actively working on finding a teaching position not that he's certifiable, wait... I mean certified now. Plus my documentary is in full all out-go for it-who needs sleep when there is something to film-mode.

Plus, this weekend is a film fest where I am emceeing a little. Eek... standing before a crowd and speaking....

Remind me again.... Passion.... Its a good thing, right?



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